Terms & Conditions

Artwork must be made between april 18, 2017 and august 10, 2018

All the work (except Global Mural ) must have been made in The Benelux, (The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg + ABC islands, Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao.)

A gallery has to have a branch in The Benelux.

Artists must live in The Benelux or have a passport from one of the Benelux countries.

Submitted material will only be used for the Street Art Awards and will not be used for commercial purposes.

Submitted material can be used to promote the Street Art Awards. If submitted material will be used, the artist will always be named.

The application form needs to be filled out in Dutch or English.

Sending in work doesn’t automatically give you admission to the Street Art Awards ceremony. Tickets need to be ordered separately. Nominees do have free admission to the Street Art Awards ceremony. Further information about the event will be send in writing.

The nominees will be informed by e-mail. To prevent communication problems, a valid phone number or e-mail address of the concerning artist is required.

Judges that are somehow involved with an entry have to communicate it to the organization and will be excluded from judging that entry.