Benelux & ABC Mural
Bier en Brood stood out with their illustrative mural in their signature black and white style. Powerful graphics with a strong contextual relation to the area and the the building: a national dance theatre.

Best Artist
Leon Keer is a true master in 3D illusions. His personal style is highly recognizable and he executes his work with great precision and a lot of attention to detail. Leon is not afraid to reflect on a variety of issues in modern day society through his work.

Best Message
Icy & Sot, the iconic duo that once had to flee from prosecution in their homeland Iran, nailed it with this work on the beach of Ostend (Belgium). A strong message, which was brought to life with a minimum of means, addressing the refugees theme that affects hundreds of thousands of people in our global society at this very moment.

Global Mural
Neo-muralism duo Telmo Miel nailed it with this mural, not only with a striking visual but also the theme resonates with everybody in the street art scene. Titled ‘Like Giving Flowers To a Fish’ the work refers to the work of street artists or muralists. Making their art in public space also means that not everybody always sees the need or understands the purpose of art in a public space. Creating a mural can sometimes feel like giving flowers to a fish.

Greatest Gallery
Apart from being supportive to the street art community for more than 20 years, Go Gallery has an eclectic curatorial vision. What makes the gallery stand out is that they do not only focus on the big names, but also have a keen eye for new talent which they showcase side by side with established names in the scene.

Local Initiative
The unveiling of an original Keith Haring mural which was hidden for almost 30 years is unprecedented. Thanks to the perseverance of the initiators the mural is being rediscovered and talks have started for restoration. The artwork is one of few remaining original murals of the artist, and the importance of the piece for the city of Amsterdam and the global art world as a whole is simply phenomenal.

Most Inventive
With a minimum of means BonBon created a witty and playful intervention. Pure genius.

Photo / Video
For the last 15 years Wojo is relentlessly photographing literally every drop of paint in the streets of Amsterdam. With great attention to detail and a huge love for both graffiti as well as street art. Going around the whole city on his bike, day in day out, no matter the weather, Wojo is as dedicated as you can get.

Young Talent
Daniel Mac Lloyd shows his talent in a wide variety of styles, each of them executed well. A versatile artist and rising star in the street art realms. We hope he will develop his own style over time and look forward to seeing more work by this bright young artists in the near future.


The creative work will be judged mainly on creativity and originality, 
but also on quality, technique and category specific aspects. You can help the jury by motivating your contribution. Artwork must be made between 18 april 2017 en 10 august 2018.

Young Talent

The youth is the future. We are looking for amazing young talents who want to show off their skills to the rest of the world. Besides winning some nice prizes, the winner can expect a boost to their artistic career.

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Global Mural

We are very proud of the talented artists from the Benelux. Many of these artists travel all over the world to leave their artistic signatures. One artist can win the award for best Global Mural.

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Greatest Gallery

From the streets to the gallery. Every year, curators and gallery owners have the important job of creating a stunning line-up. During their exhibition, they inform the world about the participating artists and their work.

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Photo + video-graphy

Because art in the public space is constantly subject to change, we absolutely respect all photo- and videographers who document all these pieces on the street. Which photo- videographer deserves this award?

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Local initiative

We encourage creative initiatives from all over the world. In this case, we award the initiatives executed in the Benelux. This category is unrestricted so please describe and motivate.

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Best artist Benelux + ABC

We know art is subjective and that it will always stay subjective. Nevertheless we like to award the artist with the most overwhelming portfolio of the past year.

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Best Message

It is always nice to see the work of certain artists who are willing to spread their message through the form of Street Art. We want to celebrate this way of communicating by awarding the best message.

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Benelux + ABC Mural

Amazing artists from all over the world have shown their skills on various murals in the Benelux. We’re overwhelmed with all these giant and high-quality walls. We’re looking for the most stunning work and we’ll award the winner with some nice prices!

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Most inventive

Possibly the funniest category. Artists keep amazing us with the most original and epic creations. Please send us these inventive pieces from all over the Benelux.

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People's Favorite

As soon as we have received all submissions we will show you the selection of artists who will participate in the People’s Favorite category. Keep an eye on our page and support your favorite artist.

The Judges

The jury consists 7 members, led by the chairman of the jury. It’s a mix of experts who have all earned their stripes in the art world and/or related fields. Together they’ll choose the winners of the Street Art Awards.

Bjørn van Poucke

Bjørn is a renowned and experienced curator, organizer and author who works closely with local and international artists. He specializes in public space, producing over 25 installations, sculptures and murals per year. His book Street Art Today can be found in museum gift shops all over the world.

He runs The Crystal Ship festival in Belgium, an arts festival focused on street art and public art. The festival is one of the most prominent public art events in Europe today, attracting 100.000 yearly visitors to the permanent exhibition featuring work of Axel Void, Roa, Icy & Sot and many more.

Mick La Rock

Mick La Rock (Aileen Middel, Groningen, 1970) is Europe’s first and one of the world’s most well known female graffiti artists. Since her first encounter with spray paint in 1983, Mick La Rock’s work developed from the traditional NYC graffiti of the early 80’s to geometrical abstract mural art.

Mick La Rock graduated from the Hanzehoogeschool Groningen and took classes at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy for Fine Arts, Amsterdam. During the 90’s - 00’s she worked and lived in both Amsterdam and New York, where she collaborated on big mural productions and became part of the New York graffiti scene.

For the Amsterdam Museum she was guest curator for the exhibition “Graffiti. New York meets The Dam”(2015-‘16). For the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam she painted “Au Bonheur Des Dames”, a collaborational mural with Polish artist Paulina Olowska (2013). Due to her lobby the Amsterdam Keith Haring mural was uncovered in 2018.

Peter Ernst Coolen

Founder and curator at Street Art Today. Organizer of Kings Spray street art festival. Invited speaker at Hermitage St. Petersburg, EYE, Pakhuis De Zwijger and Amsterdam Museum as well as producer of award-winning street art murals for Rijksmuseum. Coolen is currently building the world's largest street art museum at NDSM Amsterdam, which will open in 2019.

Ralph Keuning

Ralph Keuning has an impressive career within the museum world. Currently he is the director of Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle, The Netherlands. For Museum de Fundatie he curated important exhibitions about John Heartfield, George Grosz, Marino Marini and more recently Neo Rauch.

Selwyn Senatori

Selwyn Senatori (1973, Pallanza) Neo-Pop Artist. Half Italian, half Dutch. Selwyn makes art that generates instant happiness. His art is a melting pot of Italian scoundrels, Amsterdam, food, drinks, expensive cars and parties. However, if you take a closer look you will recognize a deeper layer, another side of the hedonist, the bon vivant.

The artist mainly works with acrylic paint on linen, with experimentation in chalk, pencils and spray cans. Besides the canvas he draws and paints almost anything he can lay his hands on. From tablecloths during dinner, to women, cars, Vespa’s, champagne bottles and even entire busses. Senatori is based in Amsterdam where he lives and works. However his art work has been embraced around the globe. From New York, London, Dubai and Moscow via Hong Kong, Oslo to Paris.

Yasha Young

Yasha Young is the concept creator and executive creative director of URBAN NATION, Berlin’s unique and worldwide first museum of urban contemporary art.

Young is deeply involved in the international art scene as a curator, innovator, project developer, art career and high profile collection manager. Her current work with URBAN NATION is the extension of her unique and global network of artists, collectors and entrepreneurs.

Sokar Uno

Sokar Uno is a German, Berlin based artist/painter who realizes his projects nationally and international wide. His artistic career started in 1999 when he expressed himself with spray can and became part of the local graffiti scene. Over the years he changed his interest from classical graffiti styles to figurative depiction exploring the art through classic painting. With his forms and figures the artist experiments and fragments, reproduces or breaks them apart, to portray his visual world.

Chosen mediums for Sokar Unos projects can be brushes, painter´s roller, spray can, or spatula. He mostly chooses walls or canvases to paint on. Some of the artists great mural paintings can be seen throughout Europe as well as on international level for example in New York City or Cape Town. His artistic skills are based on his autodidactic working method.